Installing django-adminactions is as simple as checking out the source and adding it to your project or PYTHONPATH.

  1. First of all follow the instruction to install django_admin application,
  2. Either check out django-adminactions from GitHub or to pull a release off PyPI. Doing pip install django-adminactions or easy_install django-adminactions is all that should be required.
  3. Either symlink the adminactions directory into your project or copy the directory in. What ever works best for you.

Install test dependencies

If you wanto to run adminactions tests you need extra requirements

pip install -U django-adminactions[tests]


Add adminactions to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Add the actions to your site:

from django.contrib.admin import site
import adminactions.actions as actions

# register all adminactions

Add service url to your

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^adminactions/', include('adminactions.urls')),